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A while back I took the time to record a Zyto Compass Webinar with Zyto themselves to share the power behind this tool.  If you missed this Compass webinar, no worries, we recorded it for anyone that wanted to understand more about this technology.

Shared Stories
Here are some general comments that are coming up. This way I only have to answer things once. (Press on the link to view details)

  • "I had the most fantastic day yesterday with the Compass at my office and in
    class last night. (I had scanned all of my family members on Monday evening.)
    It was t he busiest and best Tuesday I have had in six months! I have never gotten this kind of response with any other type of equipment we
    bring in there ­ QFA, MSA, Iridology camera/software, etc. I had people
    waiting at the door when I got there yesterday, and have full appointments
    for the next two weeks! I spent the afternoon training several office
    helpers with the software and equipment.We had 15 come for class who got scanned for free after first doing a
    lifestyle analysis, then we all looked at the results of each person by
    means of hooking up the computer to my projector. It was the most
    fascinating day, looking at the ³direct aid² recommendations of the
    assessment, and looking up products in Steven¹s NSP Comprehensive Guide to
    see why ³such-and-such² a supplement would be recommended. There were clear
    patterns with each person; and some of the supplements recommended gave me a
    real ³ah HA² moment! It was so exciting, and sometimes humorous. One of
    the recommendations for one gal was Nutri-Calm; I looked at her and said,
    ³Aren¹t you already taking that?². She sheepishly told me, ³No, I ran out
    and haven¹t bought more.² The next page showed Super O3, also part of her
    current program. Once again, she had to admit she had not been taking them.
    We all had a good laugh!Bottom line --- people got to SEE with their own eyes many of the things I
    am have been TELLING them to do!And, I looked at the group of supplements recommended for one client, and
    told her she needed to get started on a product that NSP does not carry,
    which I felt would cover ALL of those things addressed.My 18-year-old told me ³Mom, I know what¹s going to show up on mine ­ poor
    digestion.² Yet, the first supplement on his list was Cholester-Reg II?
    HUH???? I got the bottle and looked at the ingredients. Sure enough, it
    contains herbs which will stimulate bile production, and improve digestion!
    My 12 y/o son has had a bed-wetting problem; we have had so much testing
    done and tried so many recommended programs. I have asked again and again,
    ³I think it might be related to a blood sugar problem², and was poo-poo-ed,
    because nothing ever showed up in his testing. However, TWO blood
    supplements showed up on his scan ­ the first being chromium. Not a single
    kidney or adrenal product showed up.I have done about 40 scans so far; one lady had 8 product recommendations
    but she has a number of very serious health issues going on and has not been
    taking ANY supplements. The avg. recommendation was 3-5 products. My
    daughter needed only ONE. Recommendations come from the entire line of
    supplements, and also every assessment included at least one essential oil,
    which I love! I have trouble convincing people to use with as singles with
    their daily programs, but they are so easy to use!I had a 30-minute conversation with Dr. Cook yesterday, and I was just
    thrilled to have him say ³This machine is not intended to do your thinking
    for you ­ it merely provides another piece of information to use when you
    make recommendations for a client¹s program. Don¹t add all of the products
    to an existing program; focus on the body system that needs to be addressed
    right now.² This fits right into the ABC+D model we have been taught by
    Steven. I told Dr. Cook about Steven, his guide, etc.Reports are e-mailed to the client, or printed out for those who do not have
    e-mail.Scans are repeated, ideally, every three months, since we all know it takes
    about 3 weeks for some supplements to really start taking effect in the
    body. I had several people yesterday that I asked to come back in a month
    because of some of the supplements we saw yesterday that we decided to
    incorporate, and I am going to re-scan my own family in 30 days. I spoke
    with Dr. Cook about more frequent scans if you are working with someone with
    advanced cancer, per se, and he said the MINIMUM time between scans should
    be 72 hours...." - Shared by Sharon Grimes
  • "My office helpers were especially excited; they sat by the client looking up
    product descriptions and learning as they worked with the clients! I just
    loved it!!! I practically floated home last night, it was such a great day
    of education!!! !I sent out an e-mail to my existing client base and offered 50, $10
    mini-assessments in February ­ all of the upcoming slots were filled in ONE
    day, so my equipment is paid for! I will be doing a scan before foot baths,
    etc., incorporating that with the other information I have from the client.
    6 people yesterday booked appointments next week to go over their
    assessments in-depth to adjust their programs." - Posted by Sharon Grimes
  • Another experience shared, this time by Liz Bentley
    "I just received the Compass yesterday. I have been in contact with Zyto for over a year, contemplating purchasing there other units. The Balance or the LSPro. Then I heard of the compass and decided to go
    with that first.What I did find out is that the Compass has the same technology as the LSPro, a $10,000 unit, just no bells and whistles. I believe you can up grade to the Balance or the Pro.I need to start out saying that I am very impressed with the company and their customer support. I was on the phone for more than an hour asking questions and Grant was so forthcoming with information. After
    that conversation I was very confident in the compass.There was much discussed so you can contact me off line if you like more details. He shared many stories he has heard from other
    practitioners that are amazing!!!!The first reading I did was on myself of course. It read me exactly. I
    was in discussion with another practitioner about my health concerns
    and one product that we both agreed on which we rarely use was the
    first product listed on my report. After reviewing the program we both
    agreed this was a great program for me...."

No they do not. I discovered here myself. But here is an answer that explains the reasoning."This is correct. NSP does not endorse or recommend ANY piece of assessment
equipment or health tool (foot baths, water machines, iridology software,
QFA, etc.) for two reasons ­ liability, and the problems they have had in
the past with the three pieces of equipment they contracted with, and then
had problems with the companies (ozone filters, BTA, and BodyGem). I
perfectly understand their position.I have spent two months researching this equipment and talking to non-NSP
practitioners (chiropractors and one ND) about how they have incorporated it
into their office. I had my first encounter with it 18 months ago in an NSP
office, but the software was for a line of chiro supplements, not NSP, and
it was the professional version ($10,000), which was awesome! I was
fascinated with the report I got, and brought it home and showed it to
everyone, but there was no way I was going to invest that kind of money for
something that wasn¹t even NSP-specific.Little did I know at the time that Zyto was developing personal-use
equipment that would evaluate all of the NSP line. They have met several
times with the NSP folks, and someone high up in the company that YOU ALL
KNOW owns and uses the professional version." - Shared by Sharon Grimes
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