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Treatments For Skin Cancer?

Why am I sharing possible treatments for skin cancer? Well, as many of you may alredy know, my brother is dealing with his own healing journey to rid his body of some unwelcomed cancer. His journey has been yet another inspiration to me to keep sharing resources that may not be mainstream and might be of interest to those dealing with cancer or any other life threatening disease. So when I come across some interesting cancer information, whether it be treatments for skin cancer or any other type of cancer or any other life threatening disease that I feel may be worthwhile sharing, I post them here in hopes the information may be of support to you or someone you love.

Before I get into sharing particular resources that may be considered by some as possible treatments for skin cancer, I must make the mandatory disclaimer that this is simply for entertainment purposes and it is not intended to diagnose, cure, or heal any cancer or any other disease. Please do your own additional due diligence and speak with the appropriate health professional before trying any treatments for skin cancer or any other disease you might be facing.

That being said, as I was doing some cancer research I came across this very interesting article sharing the power of frankinsense and other therapeutic grade essential oils (which I only Order Young Living's Essential Oils due to their quality). I'm not saying this can be one of those treatments for skin cancer, but after taking a closer look at each of the oils, it certainly seemed interesting to me. I take this moment to thank CancerTutor.com for sharing this resource and here is what they shared:

"Here is a testimonial for Frankincense Oil:

1) Frankincense with Idaho Balsam Fir (3 days);
2) Frankincense with Tsuga (3 days);
3) Frankincense with Ledum (3 days);
4) Frankincense with Lavender (3 days);
5) Frankincense with clove, which may make the skin burn, so skip this step for cancer on the face (3 days);
6) Frankincense with Sandalwood (3 days); 7) Repeat cycle as needed.

The exact number of times the oils should be put on the skin cancer is up to the patient and their situation, but may range from 3 to 12 times a day. "

So if you know of anyone that is looking for treatments for skin cancer, this might be an interesting piece of information that they can add to their information bank.


Books & Resources about treatments for skin cancer & essential oils.


Treatments For Skin Cancer? Here are some video resources


Treatments For Skin Cancer?Be forewarned that these are not my testimonials, they are testimonials about Young Living Essential Oils that were shared by warrior-priestess from others that have experienced Young Living Essential Oils. Results they had in no way represent what may or may not be the case for you or anyone else. Please do your own due diligence.

"Skin Cancer Testimonials

I have had a bump-type thing on my nose for about two months now. It looked kind of like skin cancer, since it would not go away, even after trying EVERYTHING. I was looking at it last night and decided to try one more thing before going to the doctor. I purchased a jar of "Aztec Indian Healing Clay" 100% Bentonite, some months ago and have used it as a facial several times with good results. It is really great for reducing the size of your pores, which is the main reason I got it in the first place. The pores on my nose have gotten bigger with age. Anyway, this thing on my nose (not really a bump, but a raised dry-patch) was the size of a pencil eraser. I applied 1/2 teaspoon clay with enough Apple Cider Vinegar to make a paste, put in on my nose and let dry for 30 minutes. I repeated this for three times and when I rinsed the clay off the last time, I was amazed at what I saw. All of the swelling was gone. It had reduced what ever it was, to the size of just the pore, with a little white hard stick-thing right in the middle of the pore. It reminded me of a splinter. I could rub over the top and feel a little hard top, but could not pull it out of the pore. So, I took a pair of tweezers, took hold of the top of the 'splinter-thing' and when I pulled it out, it was like a cork in a bottle. Blood just pored out of the pore, about a teaspoon and when it stopped bleeding, just a small opened pore remained! This morning there is just a little red spot where the pore is, but that is all. I mixed another paste and applied it to my nose this morning and when I rinsed it off, almost nothing remains! This stuff is amazing. Just try it!

My husband Dan was diagnosed with a skin cancer on the top of his left ear a few years ago. His doctor burned it off and told him that if that did not work and it came back, they would have to surgically remove a portion of his ear. This June he admitted to me that he thought it was not only coming back, but that it was now on the other ear as well. I consulted the PDR and ordered the recommended oils of Frankincense and Lavender. The PDR also listed other oils that may be beneficial. Of those, I had two blends on hand, RC and JuvaFlex. I set them out for him. We joked that he could try one blend on each ear. He decided to use JuvaFlex on both. Within a few days, before the Frankincense and Lavender even arrived, he said he thought the cancer was gone on both sides, because he could not feel it there and because he had no pain. This was the first time he had admitted to me that it was not only painful, but quite painful. He did not want anything touching any part of his ear. Now the pain is GONE! He also had an injured big toenail. It was split right in the center, would not heal, or grow out and was painful. He began using a drop of Genesis Hand and Body lotion on his toenail. It immediately relieved the pain and began to heal the split!

Marie Shelton

I wanted to share my dad's story with you, as simple as it is. Several months ago he had a big nasty looking thing on his earlobe and doctors diagnosed it as squamous cell carcinoma. They told him it was most likely in his brain as well and the outlook was not good. I had him rub Frankincense and Lemon on it, but had no time to get any other oils to him because he told me 2 days before his surgery. They tested it again the day before surgery and amended their diagnosis to basal cell. Still scary, but nowhere near as bad as squamous. He went ahead with the surgery, so I don't know how the oils alone would have affected him, but we were all stunned that it was "downgraded" from squamous to basal in just 2 days!

Peace and Love, Sally

Over a year ago I had a squamous cell carcinoma on my thigh. We all know what "they" wanted to do. Ten days later after using Frankincense and Helichrysum three times a day it was gone. "They" do not believe it yet.


I would say Frankincense and Lavender slathered and internally. I would do Frankincense, Lemon, Idaho Balsam Fir and Myrrh internally. I don't know why necessarily, just feel strongly that this is what I would do. Has he cleansed? That may help too! I have a friend that is VERY prone to skin cancer and he uses Frankincense as a "toner" on his face. About five or six drops a day. It's two years now no more cancer!


I have been using Frankincense and Lavender on my face and back for diagnosed skin cancer and the skin does get "worse" looking before it gets better. It's like the oils are bringing everything to the top and then healing it. But I have cleaned my entire forehead and most of my nose. What I really liked is when the skin heals it is like baby skin - all the wrinkles are gone!


I had a similar spot on my nose. I began with Frankincense and didn't get the response that I had hoped for, so I intuitively decided to use Onycha and the Wolfberry Wrinkle Cream. I also had some Rose Ointment that I used periodically. After about 2 weeks it was gone and hasn't returned. This was about 6 months ago.

Peace to you, Tami Morrow

I am a survivor of major surgery in 1985 for a stage 4 melanoma and given 4 months to live. I have had good luck with putting Thieves on morning and night on spots that start growing on me. It seems that Thieves kills only bad cells and leaves the good ones alone. The spot turns reds and then scabs over. The scab gets thicker and thicker and falls off in about one to two weeks. Since these things are funnel shaped the area is then smaller. I keep applying Thieves and start the cycle over again. Each time the scab falls off the spot gets smaller and smaller as the thing works its way to the surface. When you are done you have your skin, nerves and blood vessels all in place again without the scars that you might get with surgery. This is important especially on the face as in my case. I prefer to have unsightly scabs for a while versus a permanent scar. It also gives me the opportunity to tell people about Young Living.

Hope this helps, Wipp aka F Harley Wipperling

I am using the Animal Scents for just about EVERYTHING - itchy, hurtful, brown spots, bigger brown spots with nefarious names that doctors like to burn off and all is going away. Magically awesome! I think the secret is the Idaho Balsam Fir.

Joline Stone

I have had three surgeries on my face due to small cancerous tumors, known as basil cell carcinoma. It is a slow growing but potentially dangerous skin cancer. I had a pre-cancerous lesion on the left side of my nose, persistent for about 2 years, and it had returned after an MD dermatologist in Beverly Hills, one of the most renown, had frozen it with liquid CO2 twice. Nancy George (a newer but very dear friend) got me interested in essential oils, and I began to apply Peppermint and Frankincense to the lesion twice daily (early morning and last thing before bedtime). I concocted the remedy myself. Within three weeks, the lesion disappeared! It's been about two months now, and for the first time in more than two years, it's gone for good. Nobody can tell me this stuff doesn't work!

Kent Perkins

My brother-in-law has been putting Helichrysum on a spot on his face. The spot has been there for more than three years and he is wondering if it is skin cancer. About 8 days ago he started using the Helichrysum and today all that is left is a little crusty around where it was. He is ordering 2 more Helichrysum. Tell me these oils are not a miracle in a little bottle.

Good Luck, Sharon

In a two year study for skin cancer, using 79 different essential oils, the percentage of skin cancer cell inhibition:

Grapefruit EO in a 200 parts per million concentration inhibits skin cancer by 80.50%
Hyssop 200 ppm by 75.90% kill effect
Thyme linalool, 67% kill effect
Thyme, 64.20% kill effect
Sandalwood, 58.70%
Tarragon, 55.10%"

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