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Purium Total Transformation Review

If after reviewing my notes you still have questions and want them answered by someone that's actually gone through this experience, please contact me by clicking here or simply call me (Leo) at (858)366-4328. 


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Before you get into the results here are two videos that go over my overall review of this "10 Day Total Transformatio Cleanse"

Press here if you want to watch the 25 minute, more detailed version of my review. If you want the short overall review, then watch the video below:

Now that you've watched the video(s) above, lets take a look at my results.

Here is the comparison of my results from day 0 to day 10. (Drumroll please....)

Day 0
Day 10
Weight (in lbs.)
173.9 lbs
164.4 lbs
9.5 lbs
Hips Measurement (in inches):
35.5 "
33.5 "
2 "
Waist Measurement (in inches):
37.5 "
34.25 "
3.25 "
Chest Measurement (in inches):
37.5 "
36 "
1.5 "

As you can see from the table, within the 10 days of the program, I released 9.5 pounds & overall rid my body of about 6.75 inches.  My results are not a world record by any means, but they are not bad for a 10 day program of using healthy organic nutritious products.   Do remember, my experience is just that, my experience. There have been others that have had even better results than I had.  But, each and every individual is going to have their own personal experience and results. If you decide to use this Purium or on any new health program, make sure you do your due diligence and consult with the appropriate health professional.

That being said, here is my overall summary of the 10 day process.  If you care to get my day to day experience, I encourage you to view each day and the review I provided for that day.  I tried to be as thorough as possible so that you could get the most out of my experience.  But if you do have questions, please don't hesitate to contact me and I'll be glad to share whatever I can.

I've shared my experience in multiple formats to make it easier for you.  If you care to watch the video, simply press play on the video below.  If you prefer to read the info, then skip over the video & just read on...

My overall review:

I'll start with the challenges and then move into the good stuff.

* The Challenges

* The Good Stuff

* Final Thoughts

Again, if you  still have questions and/or are interested in trying this out, do call me at (858)366-4328 or click here to contact me and I'll be glad to help.  If you know you are going to give this a try and want one of my $50 Gift Cards to use, then let me know and I'll get it to you.

I wish you the best in your endeavors of creating an even healthier, happier & wealthier life.



Day 1

Today being my first day, I am looking to organize this information as simple as possible. So each day I'll give the tangible results (i.e. measurements...) and experiences that I had for the day. I'll do my best to keep it consistant throughout each day.

Of course I have questions as I go through this program, so I decided to put all my questions & answers in the Q&A tab that you see above. If you have questions that you think are important, feel free to share them with us via the "Contact Us" link & I'll do what I can to find the answer.

That being said, here we go...

Weight: 173.9 lbs
Hips : 35.5 "
Waist : 37.5 inches
Chest : 37.5 inches

My experiences of the day:

Day 2

Weight: 170.4 lbs
Hips : 35.5"
Waist : 36.25"
Chest : 37.5"

My experiences of the day:

Day 3

Weight: 169.2 lbs
Hips : 35.25"
Waist : 35.5"
Chest : 37.5"

My experiences of the day:

Day 4

Weight: 168.8 lbs
Hips : 34.75"
Waist : 35"
Chest : 37"

My experiences of the day:

Day 5

Weight: 166.6 lbs
Hips : 34.75"
Waist : 35"
Chest : 37"

My experiences of the day:

Day 6

Weight: 165.8 lbs
Hips : 34.5"
Waist : 35"
Chest : 37"

My experiences of the day:

Day 7

Weight:  165.2 lbs
Hips : 34.5
Waist : 35
Chest : 37

My experiences of the day:

Day 8

Weight: 165.2 lbs
Hips : 34.25
Waist : 34.75
Chest : 36.75

My experiences of the day:

Day 9

Weight: 165
Hips : 34
Waist : 34.5
Chest : 36.5

My experiences of the day:

Day 10

Weight: 164.4
Hips : 33.5
Waist : 34.25
Chest : 36

My experiences of the day:



More Images

Here are some related images that may inspire your weight management goal:  Enjoy!!!

BlackPantsLady AsianLady YellowBikini after10days-cfit TodaysChoicesGirl RedeemYour50GiftCardHere  Branded Test GROUP 3 PuriumBeforeAfterSideView720RedeemYourPurium50GiftCard PuriumBeforeAfterFrontView720

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The Challenges:

  • Maintenance? - One of the challenges I had with this program is that just like many other programs, of course it is going to work in helping with weight loss because you are taking in less food, probably drinking more water than your usual day, and overall you are having healthier habits.  Just doing those things will most likely help anyone lose weight.  I expected that I would lose weight, but how much of it would I be able to keep off.  Also, how would I be able to transition my results into my daily routine?  Would I need to stay on these supplements & program forever?  These and other similar questions kept coming up, but I did want to give this program a fair chance.  So I just went ahead and did the program.  I also tried to stay as close to the routine they suggested.
  • Schedule - Another challenge had to do directly with the program's schedule.  It was a very specific schedule that needed to be followed.  There are things you need to do every 2-3 hours, which made me wonder how that would fit in with my daily routine.  I must say that this didn't end up being as much of a challenge as I thought it would be.  After the first couple of days, I got used to the routine and it was pretty easy to follow throughout the entire 10 days (and I've actually adopted some of the routine into my daily maintenance program).
  • Timing - A personal challenge that I created was that I chose to do this program so close to some major holidays.  I started the program the day after Thanksgiving and going into the Christmas holidays.  This made it particularly tough because there were many social events, and many temptations to break my routine.  However, I'm pretty happy to say that I managed to stay about 90% true to the entire program.  Since I did "cheat" a little bit towards the end, I did notice my results were not as impressive during that part of the program.  I think I would have had much better results had I stayed 100% true to the program.  Nonetheless, I'm pretty happy with the outcomes.
  • Fibers - The final challenge I had (and you'll hear me mention this in my videos) was the fiber portion of the program.  Personally, I felt that the fiber supplements were not as "strong" as I had  expected.  Thus, my body wasn't releasing as many of the toxins as I would have expected.  But that could have just been my body.  I say this, because later I actually shared the exact same supplements with my Father and his experience was completely opposite to mine.  He took those supplements and his body was ridding toxins very effectively.  Remember, I am also quite used to doing other cleanses, so it could have been that my body was not needing quite as much elimination.  Additionally, it seems that the company is constantly making adjustments & it may be that this part of the program is being improved continuously.

Other than that, the program was pretty easy for me and I am pretty happy with the results...so let's move into the "good stuff"

The Good Stuff:

  • Product Quality - As far as the quality of these products, I feel very comfortable saying that they are very good quality products.  Their ingredients are pretty high quality and they managed to make them fairly tasty (which is more than I  can say for other companies).  They are organic, non-gmo, nutrient rich, and I didn't see any fillers (like soy, rice, etc.)  Most importantly, I did notice that I didn't feel as hungry or deprived while using their products.  So in the quiality department, I'd give them a high score.
  • Healthy Habits - This is probably one of my favorite things about the program.  Initially, I thought of the routine they establish as a challenge.  But as I went through the program I found that the schedule they have actually helpem me re-establish many of the healthy habits that I should be doing anyway.  For example, drinking more water.   Drinking more water is a habit that we all know we should be doing, but often forget.  This program requires that you have more water intake in order to get the best results.  Another healthy habit was portion size.  Their "flex foods" were all healthy foods, but you had to do them in smaller portions.  Again, at first I thought of it as a challenge, but over a period of a few days, my body got used to the routine and the amounts of food (and this has been a habit that I've been able to carry into my maintenance program).
  • Little Health Trick - This was another bonus.  What I mean is that I had to figure out ways to handle those moments when I was tempted to "cheat".  These moments were particularly challenging when I encountered some of my favorite foods, for example, popcorn at the movies.  So the "trick" I learned was to just have a little bit of my "craved food" and chew it a lot longer than I usually do.  This helped a lot.  First, it made me really chew my food, which has its health benefits.  Second, I found that my cravings were pretty much gone after a few bites (so I didn't have to have as much as I usually had).  Another little "trick" was to get used to eating every 2-3 hours (but smaller portions).  This kept my energy pretty level throughout the day and I didn't really have any major difficulties with feeling hungry.  I've also managed to add these little "tricks" to my maintenance phase.
  • My Experience - I've got to say that my experience was overall pretty darn good.  My energy was great, I felt focused, my energy was pretty leveled throughout the day, the food tasted pretty good, and overall it felt pretty easy to do this program.  I was able to easilly integrate the program with my busy schedule and even managed to get pretty decent results during a challenging part of the year (Thanksgiving &: Christmas). So I have no problems recommending this program to others that want to "Kickstart" their healthy habits and release some excess weight in the process.
  • Support - I must say that this company has done a pretty decent job at providing support.  They even have naturopathic doctors available for questions and support.  This by itself is a goldmine, just go and find out how much you usually have to pay for a consultation with a naturopathic doctor.  They also have the usual support tele-conference calls (which I must admit, I didn't maximize their benefit).  And of course, I had the support of the person and team who introduced me to these products.  So overall, I felt pretty good support.
  • Results - In this department, the results are pretty obvious.  I released about 10 lbs in 10 days & lost about 7 inches in that same period.  Not a phenonmenal result in my book, but pretty good, considering I did it during one of the most challenging times of the year and I cheated about 10% of  the program.  I can only imagine what my results would have been, had I stayed 100% true to the program and had not had so many holiday food temptations. :-)
  • Maintenance - This is a section I'll continue to update over time.  At the time of this update, I am happy to say that even through I've now been off the program for nearly a month, I've only regained about 4 lbs, which is pretty good considering I went throught the holiday season meals, and I had a ton of mom's delicious mexican food.  Now that I'm back in San Diego and the holidays are over, it will be easier to stay on track with my healthy habits, and I may even do a version of the program again.  I'll keep you posted.

Some final thoughts:

  • Good Faith Review -  I wanted to add this section because I want you to understand where I'm coming from.  My intent is to share my experience and hope that it may inspire and maybe help you create an even healthier lifestyle.  I have gone to great lengths to provide a fairly in depth honest review of this program.  If you think it may be a fit for you and would like to try it, I'd be glad to be of support to you.  If this is you, please contact me.
  • My Connection - To have full disclosure, I want to make sure you know what my connection is to this company.  After having researched the company and deciding to try out their products, I became a distributor.  The challenge for many people is that once they join the company and there is money to be made, then their reviews tend to be biased.  I have not intent to have anyone feel that they have been "sold to".  Instead I want to share my experience and if it is for you, then I'd be glad to help.  To me this would be a win-win-win situation.  You get supported in a healthy process, the company benefits from  your purchase of the products, and of course I get a little residual income in return.  Seems fair to me, don't you think?
  • Gift Card  - If you do decide that you are serious about trying this process, please let me know, as the company provides its distributors with $50 gift cards that can be used towards their product.  Please only request this if you are serious about using these products.  Otherwise, please let somone else benefit from these gift cards.  Unfortunately, I only have a set number of these gift cards, so I will share them on a first some first share...
  • Share  - I am making a request.  Please share this information with anyone that you believe can benefit from this information.  I've made every effort to make this information valuable to anyone interested in the topic.  Thank you!
  • Take Action - This is pretty self explanatory.  If this is something that may interest you, take action & call me at (858)366-4328.  If this is not for you, but you are still looking for something to help you in creating a healthier lifestyle, then I whole heartedly encourage you to take a step and do something today!  It is only when you take action that great things start to happen.  Thank you for chooshing a healthier lifestyle.
One of the challenges, is that of course I am not eating nearly as much, so ther is a little bit of adjustment, but if I keep to the schedule they suggest, then, I've felt pretty steady energy throughout the day.Also, I noticed that the morning Master Aminos taste a little sour, but if I swallow them quickly, then I don't taste them at all. My tummy is letting me know that it notices I'm not eating as much, but I'll keep you posted as to how this adjustment plays out.
The schedule feels very do-able and the Power Shake drink tastes pretty good.Trust me, I've tried some very healthy stuff that tastes like ______(you fill in the blank).As far as my energy goes, I feel pretty good and awake.
Today I felt a little nervous about starting this on the day after Thanksgiving. It is usually not recommended to start off the program after a big meal, but since I was pretty good yesterday, I felt it was a good time to start. I also decided to do it during during a period of time that is generally considered to be more challenging (I figured, why wait until "resolutions", I rather get results now).Plus, I will be doing two of these 10 day Purium Total Transformational Challenges back to back, so I can get a true sense of the results. This would put me right up against Christmas time, at which point I can see how I can move into the maintenance part of the program. There is also a good posibility that I would do one more challenge at the beginning of the year, but that will be determined later.
The tough part about today was choosing to go to a friends house to watch the UCLA game while some of my favorite foods were being served.  My friends were very understanding of my cleanse & supportive.But that didn't take away the temptation of the delicious food that was available.  I would say that was the toughest part of the day.  Other than that, it was a pretty easy day.
Today was again a pretty easy day overall.  I did feel a little bit of hunger throughout the day, but it usually was right about the time I was about to start take my next meal.  So it worked pretty well.I was also pretty pleased with myself that I managed to get through a fairly tempting evening at some friends house.I also learned that if I just take a small sampler of the food I'm craving & chew it really good, then I get the flavoring I'm craving without eating much of it at all.  This tool is sure to come in handy.Another tool that I'm finding to be very useful and supportive is the text support that the Purium has setup for anyone using their products, it gives me some useful tips & some encouraging quotes to help me stay on track.  I think I'll continue using this support well past the Total Transformation Cleanse.
I was very happy with my self control and more importantly how I found a tool that helped me enjoy the flavor of my favorite foods without veering much from the cleanse.  So I would say it was quite a successful day.I'm also noticing that I'm getting much more used to the schedule and it's becoming even easier each day to follow it.

The only challenge I faced today was smelling the yummy smell of pop-corn when we went to the movies.  But again, I used my little tool of just taking one pop corn at a time & chewing it thoroughly, and I noticed I only had to eat a few.The other challenge was that I did feel a bit hungry at times (not terribly hungry, but enough to get my attention).  So I just ate a bit of the "flex" foods and I was fine until my next step.

Everything in this detox seems to be getting easier.  Something that has been quite helpful has been the text messages I get from Purium with an inspirational thought and a practical step.If  you do end up doing this cleanse, I highly recommend you use their support system.I also noticed, I'm having to urinate more often.  I guess that would make sense, since I'm drinking more fluids.  I almost put this as a challenge, but I think it's a good thing.

I felt pretty very good throughout the day.  My energy levels were steady and I felt focused and energized.

The only challenge I can think of is that I mixed up two of the routines, so I just ended up switching them & all seemed to be fine.I also did get a little hungry at night, so I had half of an avocado & that took care of my hunger.

It's pretty easy now.  All I need to do is stay on schedule & all is well.  I'm finding that this schedule is something that I think I'll be able to maintain once I'm off the cleanse.

I felt really good throughout the day.  I had a long day of work, and it was great to have focused energy throughout the entire day.  I trust it will only get better.   Plus, I'm already about 5 pounds lighter & a bit skinnier.

The only challenge that I can think of for today was not making the time to do my daily walk.  I usually walk anywhere between 30-60 minutes & I missed that yesterday.  If you notice, today is the first and only day I didn't lose over a pound a day. We'll see what happens tomorrow, as I will make sure to make my walk.The other challenge I keep forgetting to mention is doing the fiber in the evening.  It doesn't really have much taste, but it's fiber.  So it's sort of like swallowing saw dust.  What I've been doing to help this process along is adding a little bit of juice for the taste & drinking it as quickly as possible.  Remember, the fiber is only necessary if you are doing the CLEANSE, if you are doing the Transformational Package without the cleanse, you wont have to drink the fiber.If there is a challenge is keeping up with all the daily logging I'm doing.  I'm taking pictures & writing all this stuff believing it will help somebody.

Things are a complete routine now.  It's easy to remember what I need to do & when.  I had great energy all day & was even getting excited about the possibility of being able to help others with this process.  Once you get used to the routine, it's actually one of the easier cleanses I've done, and the results speak for themselves.  Of course, I'm  just about to visit Mom & her recipes are so yummy, I'm wondering how much of the weight I'll be able to keep off.  Wish me luck & at least, I'll be enjoying some yummy food. Can't beat a Mom's cooking :-)

I'm excited about the progress I've made & the direction I'm headed.  Things are looking good.  It sure will get a lot easier once I'm not logging each day's experience.  Don't get me wrong, I like doing it, but it does take time.  I trust it will help others in the long run.Not much more to say that hasn't already been said.  So lets keep going :-)

Glad to report there were no challenges I can think of.  I'm excited about that.

Excited, energized, optimistic and just plain feeling great.  The only thought that has crept into my mind about this process is "How will I be able to sustain it?"  Well, over time I'll share with you how I am doing it.  So send me your good thoughts in the comment area below. :-)

What else is there to say.  I feel excited, energized, motivated, focused, driven, and with lots of great energy.  Loving it and looking to maintain it....and I'm only in the beginning.

I can't really think of any challenges for today.  If I had to critique something it would be my own body's experience with their fiber capsules.  I'm not complaining, but I just expected my body to be eliminating more.  However, that wasn't the case for me.  (Update:  A few weeks later, I shared the same capsules with my father and his experience was much different than mine. He even asked me "Where did you get these supplements, they work really well". This is just another testament that everyone's experience is different.)
On a separate note, I did notice that I did not lose quite as much weight today.  I guess it is expected, usually the biggest weight loss happens at the beginning & then you start to level off.  We'll keep an eye on this over the next few days.

As usual, I've been feeling pretty darn good.  I feel focused, energized and overall pretty good.  I guess that's a good thing :-)
Not much more to be said today.  When you're feeling good, you're feeling good.
Today was a  very busy day,II was coaching soccer and I had a birthday party to attend.  Unfortunately, I didn't plan as well as I should have, so I didn't have  my stuff with me....not very good p lanning in my part.  Therefore, I got quite hungry during social events and I cheated a bit.  One lesson I  got was to plan especially when  I have events to attend.

I did lose about   an inch overall, even though I didn't lose much weight
Still feeling great.  Not much to report
Once again, I did not plan very well for this day.  I had a birthday party to attend and I ended up cheating a little bit.  Fortunately, I was able to use some of my "tricks" for dealing with my temptations, but I still didn't follow the schedule exactly as I was supposed to do.  So the challenge has bee dealing with social events and not having planned for them.I forgot to do was drink as much water as I should.  So I've got to work on this a bit more.
One neat thing about today, even though I did have many temptations during the party, I did not crave much of the food that was in front of me.  As a matter of fact, I've noticed that I've not had as many cravings as usual.   It seems that the longer I've been on this cleanse, the less cravings I tend to have...will my chocolate cravings go away all-together?  We'll see :-)I did find myself using the other "trick" of not eating as much.  I am noticing that I'm normally eating smaller amounts of food.  I certainly hope I keep this up as I move into the maintenance phase.
I don't know what else to really share at this point, because I feel pretty much the same....energized, focus and overall really good.  Thus, I feel excited about the possibility of continuing this program and creating long term results.  I may be a little premature in my excitement, but I did want to share exactly how I felt today!

Today there weren't any challenges that I can report.  I got back on track and feel really good.

Glad that I could get back on track with the program.  Today I followed the program 100% and it was pretty easy to stay on it.  Of course it helped that I didn't have any social events :-)  Most of the good stuff is being reported on the "How did I feel" section of day 10.

I'm pretty excited for the following reasons:

  1. I completed my first10 day  cycle of this Purium Total Transformation Clense.
  2.  I achieved pretty decent results, even though I didn't follow the program exactly.
  3. Probably the most rewarding part of this program was how I felt throughout the program,  I felt energized, focused, level energy throughout the day, and overall felt really good.
  4. I feel pretty good about the healthy habits I practiced during the program...it feels like I can carry them into the maintenance part of the program.
  5. I'm optimistic about being able to keep going and continuing to reach my health and weight goals.
I'm waiting for an answer via email.
This is a question that I've learned to ask myself each time I've tested out a new program. I know many of them claim to get great results, but I found that the best way for me to find out if something really works, is to try it out myself.So this program has a few components that I believe will help me gain some sustainable results.We'll see based on results...Here are some of the things that I believe will help:
  • Purium company providess Naturopathic Doctor support as part of the program.
  • The foods are all natural whole food ingredients, organic, non-gmo, gluten-free, dairy free, vegan, no preservatives or additives, no artificial sweeteers.
  • They have social media support.
  • The provide text & email support and motivational support.
  • They have motivational & inpirational instructional videos & training calls.
  • And of course, they have the usually traditional opporunities to win prizes.
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