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Peppermint to reduce fever – How Therapeutic Essential Oils helped my little one

Healing a fever with Peppermint?Last week was one of those weeks that parents do not like to see, that is seeing your little one sick. My little one came down with a fever and all of the sudden he was not his zippy self, understandably so. On Monday morning he started a fever that reached the high 102 F.

I immediately reached for as many of my natural health support tools. One of those tools was the use of a high quality therapeutic grade essential oil of Peppermint. There were two great things I noticed right away. First, is that my little one immediately accepted it without any fussing, which was not common with other things we tried. Second, within the next 20 minutes his temperature had dropped to 101 F. That was great!

Now, I understand the importance of not stopping the fever, it is the body's way of eliminating something that it does not want or need. So suppressing the fever did not feel like it would support the body's own healing ability. The idea was simply to control the body's temperature and allow it to do its own healing.

In addition to adding peppermint oil to the bottoms of his feet, I also used Thieves essential oil to support his immune system. In the past I've used Thieves Essential Oil with great results, so I used it again and got similar results.

I'm happy to say that it only took two days for our little one to recover from his fever, and he started to regain his old zippy attitude. Of course, allowing plenty of rest and nurturing him helped a lot and provided Mommy and myself to again be grateful for having this beautiful gift in our life. He is an amazing little two year old boy that brings love and shine into our daily lives. We are glad that we could support his health and that we have the tools to do it with natural means.

I trust this experience will serve you and your little ones should they ever need it. Side note, these methods seem to work well with adults too :-)

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