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How to use twitter with ease – Step by step simple training

twitter-bird"I don't want to use twitter", "I don't want to have to learn another thing that's just a fad", "How will this help me or my business", "Why should I spend my time doing this twitter thing?".

These were some of my initial thoughts when I kept hearing about Twitter.  Well, guess what, now here I am using it and sharing it with others.  It is here, and from the looks of it, it will be here for a long time to come.  Social networking is where the web is headed, I can either fight and resist it or go along for the ride.  I choose to go along for the ride and help those that want to do the same.

Therefore, I am offering a step-by-step recorded webminar training to walk you through Twitter.  What makes this different than just going out to setup an account on your own (assuming you know how to do that)?  This one hour training is much more than just setting up an account.  It is walking you step-by-step on how to make the most out of this tool to help you grow your network, and support your success.

My ideal is that by the time you are done with this training, you can begin using this tool in a way that makes sense with your purpose (whether that be business, simply networking, or just developing new relationships).

This training will focus on :

  • What is Twitter and what will it do for me?
  • Why should I even consider using it?
  • How can I use this tool effectively and not make it another "time waster"?
  • Where can I connect to meaningful Twitter people and resources?
  • When is this tool useful?
  • Who is who in Twitter and how can I use this to support my goals?
  • How do I use this system with complete ease and confidence.

I get that this may be a bit of an ambitious agenda, but after many hours of gathering tools, resources and just plain research I've simplified the use of this tool and I'd like to save you the learning curve.

I also am making it almost free.  Why almost free?  Since I only want to attract those truly interested in the topic, I don't want the "tire-kickers" to take up a spot from someone that would really make use of this resource.  Thus, the investment for this training is only $25.  Remember, since it is a recording you can review it as many times as needed.

Simply press here to register through our secure server, and I look forward to being of service.

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