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How do essential oils really work?

Here is a quick summary of how essential oils can really work.   Essential oils are quite different than synthetic chemicals, many components of essential oils have been proven to increase oxygen intake of the cells as well as the ability to use oxygen from other sources.

Each oil is quite unique in its own right, in a sense they have their own signatures.  Here are some examples, some of the constituents, and their effects.

  • Aldehydes - found in Lavender and chamomile are antimicrobial and calming.
  • Eugenol - found in cinnamon and clove are antiseptic and stimulating.
  • Esters - found in Lavender have a balancing effect.
  • Ethers - found in Tarragon also have a balancing effect.
  • Ketones - found in lavender, hyssop and patchouly, stimulate cell regeneration and liquefy mucous.
  • Phenols- found in oregano and thyme, are highly antimicrobial and have a stimulating effect.
  • Sesquiterpenes - found in frankincense and sandalwood are soothing to inflamed tissue.
  • Terpenes - found in Pine have a stimulant effect.
  • These are just a few quick examples of the power behind essential oils.  There are many, many more.

Dr. Jean C. Lapraz stated that he could not find a microbe that could survive in the presence of true seesntial oils of cinnamon or oregano.  This is particularly important due to the nature of all the mutations of current life-threatening, and drug-resistant bacteria and viruses we are seeing in the world today.  The unique chemistry of essential oils makes them particularly powerful for killing and preventing the spread of these microorganisms and they make it particularly difficult for their mutating in the presence of quality essential oils.

If you truly want to learn more about how powerful these oils can really be, I invite you to listen to this audio and take good notes.

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(Here are some an informational PDFs for further reference : Deep Relief and Thieves)

I keep making the reference to high quality therapeutic grade essential oils, which is quite different than sythetic blends.  So the next time you are looking to benefit from the great natural resources provided by essential oils make sure you are getting a therapeutic grade essential oil.  Personally, I get all my oils from Young Living, and here is how to order them.  I trust this is useful to you and will help you improve your life.

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